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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Michigan Lighthouses

Part two of two…….

Below is the

Muskegon South Pier Light

White River Light Station/Whitehall, MI.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse/Ludington, MI.

Ludington North Breakwater Light

Little Sable Point Lighthouse/Silver Lake/Mears, MI.

Grand Haven LH Grand Haven, MI.

Point Bestie Lighthouse /Frankfort, MI.

Frankfort North Breakwater Light/Frankfort, MI.

Charlevoix South Pier Light/Charlevoix, MI.

Charlevoix years ago in the winter

Fresnel 4th Order Lense that was in this Lighthouse. 


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Elks Lodge 274 Park and Campground Muskegon, Michigan

Part One of Two in this area. 

Part Two Our Lighthouse Side Trips

This is by far one of the most beautiful towns or TriCities area I have ever been to!!  Pride of ownership and love of where you live shows in this western Michigan town area. This Elks Lodge Campground has totally blown us away with the beauty and views of Lake Michigan. We are fortunate that this site is so centrally located so we could see the numerous sites and historic places. So numerous in fact another place we couldn’t begin to a fact filled write up. The museums, displays, areas of different sites, lighthouses, and craft breweries are the best since the great state of Oregon!!!  Here are just a few of the sites and pictures of the area. One of our favorite shows on satellite is called Mysteries at the Museum. We ran into one of these shows in the Tri-Cities Historical Museum in Grand Haven.  If the winters in this area weren’t so harsh I would retire here sometime in the future. 


Below one of my favorites from Laurel & Hardy movies “Men O’ War” the Malt Shop Scene. 

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John James Audobon State Park, Henderson, Kentucky

The state park we stayed in had to have been built and designed for smaller camp trailers and pickup campers from years ago. But we did find a few spots we could barely fit.  The museum about John James Audobon more than made up for the  small site we had. The rest of the park was amazing!  There are 3 galleries showing the amazing life and work this man did with 100’s of artifacts and original works on display from 1820 to 1819 about American birds.  Below are some pictures and what I thought was interesting facts I didn’t know. Standing in front of and looking at these originals can’t be captured on photographs. There’s nothing like inperson. 

At the small lake in the park. Another first for me. 

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Maumelle Park/Arkansas River. Little Rock

This is another fantastic park by the Army Corp of Engineers. It’s right on the Arkansas River and we were lucky to get a spot right on the river. 

We made a day trip to Hot Springs to check out this old town with so much history.  On top of the tower above the city gives a great view of the hotels and old bathhouses. 

Here are a few pictures from inside the Fordyce Bathouse

We finished off the day trip with a beer at the only Brewery in a national park. 


Galveston Island SP

We have left Galveston Island State Park. We are now in Houston at Cummins Care for a few days to get an oil leak fixed and a PM service on Huey. It’s quite the ordeal because I have to take off the motorcycle lift for access to the engine. Then we will be close to here waiting for a crown to come in from a lab. Yep, finally came in for a dental check up because of two chipped teeth plus a cleaning.  So here are a few pictures of our stay at the state park. We must have walked 100 miles on the beaches. 

Here in Houston