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Traveling Them Thar Hills


Farewell Bend State Park, Day 3…..

Overwhelming Possibility that we are going to apply for these jobs
in the four state area we travel. It is so attractive at this point
to have free spots to park everywhere we have been so far.

Farewell Bend State Park

Farewell Bend State Park

Will keep posting with the outcome of our endeavours.

We have been out on this pier 10 times and not seen these babies
until they popped their heads up this evening.

Where's Mom?

Where’s Mom?

A Closer Look!

A Closer Look!

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Farewell Bend State Park

This is a very pretty valley on the Snake River, in the middle of nowhere.
Actually we’re on the north side of the Oregon/Idaho border, along the
Oregon Trail.

Farewell Bend State Park

Farewell Bend State Park

This is a nice little park. We have 30amp service and water, plus a nice
view of the Snake.

The Snake River

The Snake River

Cell service comes and goes, very iffy to say the least.
We are going to take a walk with calle, and see if this
message gets out…….

Another view of the Snake River

Another view of the Snake River

the Historic Oregon Trail.....

the Historic Oregon Trail…..

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3 Island State Park at Glenns Ferry, Idaho

3 Island State Park

3 Island State Park

We had the fortune of helping John & Jen start on their nursery. Jen was the
Director of the Project, including Elvis the cat, who hung the chandelier.
John watched in utter amazement. Personally I’ve never seen a cat climb a ladder…
but there are firsts for everything.

John & Jen's New Nursery

John & Jen’s New Nursery

John and Michelle painted the room. I cleaned windows that had hard water deposits.
Michelle & John also did major paint stripping off a nice dresser for the cricket.
Jen wasn’t allowed to participate in any projects that had a hint of chemical(s).

But all things come to an end and our trip to Salt Lake did also.
Today we left for Idaho.

We have E service on the phone and that’s it. A nice day of driving and only two
new experiences with Huey. That would be… unexpected major wind gusts.
That has a way of clamping up the old gluteus Maximus!

But we survived and will pay more attention to swerving cars and trucks that are
within sight. This 3 Island State Park is great. Big spaces and green. Not surprising
though because they’ve had the sprinklers on since we arrived.
We are on the Snake River, about 260 miles northwest of Salt Lake City. We’ve taken
a bike ride already, and will go for a walk after dinner.

3 Island State Park

3 Island State Park

3 Island State Park - Glenns Ferry, Idaho

3 Island State Park – Glenns Ferry, Idaho

3 Island State Park

3 Island State Park


Salt Lake Bees

Taking in a ball game tonight.
The Bees are the minor league team
for the Angels.

Playing the Memphis Red Birds.
Minor League team for the Cardinals.

We’re at the Spring Mobile Ballpark
with Jen & John……

It’s a little chilly this evening.
Bunch of lightweights. LOL…….

Out at the Old Ballpark...

Out at the Old Ballpark…






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Mueller park hike to Elephant Rock

ImageImageImageToday Jenny wanted to take a hike in the Bountiful hills at the foot of the Wasatch mountain range. Then followed by a movie in Salt Lake City.  So we drove up to the picnic area of Mueller park to hike up to Elephant rock. I didn’t get a picture of elephant rock like I should have, but it is about 100 feet tall and white rising out of the ground different from everything around it. This hike is about 3.7 miles up and the same back. We met many hikers, dogs, mt bikers. All the dogs were well behaved except for our little Tasmanian devil who wanted to bite anything walking by with 4 legs. At one point she was on one paw reaching out with mouth wide open almost in flight. It was a laugh and a half but I’m glad I had a good grip on her or she would have had a mouthful.  The view of the salt lake from here was amazing and we were all in need of a good hike like this.  We could see Antelope Island far in the distance. 

The movie theater was great, the movie not so great (the big wedding), but to be able to eat and drink beer while watching the movie at Brewvies was great for the leg muscles. 

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Pony Express RV Resort Salt Lake City, UT

We left the gnats on Antelope Island, can hardly wait to stay there again but without the gnats.  I tend to correlate things together.  So now I am of the opinion when you see buffalo and antelope together you have gnats. So as the song goes “oh give me a home where the buffalo roam and I’ll show you a place full of gnats”. But Antelope Island is one beautiful site to stay!

We are now at Pony Express a real nice park with full hookups, showers, bathrooms and all you could ask for, plus a 20 mile bike path right outside the gate.  Last night we took a bike ride with Jenny on the bike path.  Today i washed the gnats and bugs off the windshield, mirrors, and the jeep.  Also had time to remove the road grime from the rain in Monument Valley.



On the way to Jen’s

We have arrived at Antelope State Park in the Salt Lake outside Salt Lake City.
This is a wonderful island and campsite (dry camping only). We saw buffalo on
the way in, but no Antelope yet.

We picked our daughter Jenny up so she could see Huey. So she is staying with us
tonight to see what it is like. Then tomorrow we move to Pony Express RV resort
for two weeks, visiting and catching up on things that we have found that need to
be fixed. Plus we will load Jens Honda 750 on the the cruiser lift for practice.

The no-see-ums or gnats here are ferocious if you are outside and stand still for
a moment. So we are inside for a bit before we tour the island in the Jeep,
please wind come up to about 10 miles an hour!

On the way to Jen’s

To Antelope Island

The road across to Antelope Island

From the front window

Yours Truly….

Wasatch Mountain….


That’s the only buffalo we’ve seen so far….

Can you see Huey? A buffaloes view….

Class c

Vantage point, looking south

Looking northeast

Antelope Island State Park

That’s a buffalo!

Finally… we got to see our 1st Antelope!

Just look at that Sunset!