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Traveling Them Thar Hills


Payson Arizona for a week

We have parked Huey at the Payson Campground on hiway 260 maybe a mile from the Beeline.  We are visiting my mother, arrived yesterday at 2 pm. The ride up was a pleasure and my nerves have been calmed a bunch. The exhaust brakes worked great and I only had to hit the service brakes a couple of times on the 6% downgrades.  By the time I went down Mount Ord hilI I had downshifted the Allison transmission one gear lower than what I crested the top with and had to hit the service brakes once. Huey handled the Rye Hill to Payson with ease.  I’m glad we have this 400 HP Diesel engine.  I had no problem increasing my speed, but I was staying in a range I read about, keeping the RPM’s where it was optimal for the climb. 

This park has some very sharp turnstone get to our spot, luckily the driver confidence course we took at Lazydays in Tucson had many very good techniques and driving tips to make this tight turns with so many trees. The wifi in this park sucks, anyway from our spot #61, I think they need a repeater or something close to that. 

The motorcycle lift has been installed and is really wanting to hold up the blackberry, just another month is all.