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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Salt Lake City Bound (Day-1)

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We left Houston Mesa Elk Loop today and headed for Flagstaff and
a fill up of diesel. Hopefully that gets us all the way to Salt Lake City.
(We shall see). Did see snow on the San Francisco Peaks….

Then onward & north to Utah, destination Goosenecks State Park.
Picked up rain all the way through Monument Valley.

Had a few white knuckle moments on a 14% downgrade and a 10% downgrade
with a few 25 mile an hour curves. Naturally, that’s where you meet the
Big Rigs crowding the center line. Thank goodness for exhaust brakes and
down shifting. Only had to hit the service brakes a couple of times.
Needless to say it was another learning experience.

As for Goosenecks State Park, it is everything and more of what I read about
…. and pictures don’t do it justice.

Tonight “Huey” is on the Edge! (No earthquakes allowed!!)

San Fran Peaks Snow

Snow on the San Francisco Peaks

Rain in Monument Valley

Rain in Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Gooseneck State Park

Gooseneck State Park

"Huey" on the Edge

“Huey” on the Edge

Trusty dog, er... I mean Calle

Trusty dog, er… I mean Calle

Gooseneck Stae Park

Gooseneck Stae Park

More of this beautiful Park

More of this beautiful Park

"Huey" on the Right

“Huey” on the Right

Google Maps

Google Maps

One thought on “Salt Lake City Bound (Day-1)

  1. That’s some incredible turns in that river, AMAZING!

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