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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Green River Utah

Here we are in Green River, Utah. 

Yesterday we hit a home run staying at Gooseneck, today we struck out in everyway possible.  Every campground state, federal, BLM it didn’t matter they were filled to the hilt with people. But that is to be expected on a weekend. So we continued on to Green River, Utah and tried to stay at a state campground. There were two, TWO hosts to this state campground and not one of them would come out of there comfortable abode and answer questions about available sites to park Huey. I think I am catching on to being a host at these federal and state parks.  Get the job and the free parking spot and never answer questions or the door. Yep I got it and I’m applying to be one just like I applied for a one way trip to Mars, they will never call. Well we went next door and are now staying at the Shady Acres RV park and not worthy of a picture. So I will leave with a few pictures from the day. From now on even if our life of retirement calls for total freedom I will be making reservations at least a week in advance. In this life you have to make your own way, I have know that but now I will go back to that way of life and plan ahead. Doesn’t take me long to learn a lesson!  But actually it was another good day of lessons learned, no mishaps what so ever!