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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Mueller park hike to Elephant Rock

ImageImageImageToday Jenny wanted to take a hike in the Bountiful hills at the foot of the Wasatch mountain range. Then followed by a movie in Salt Lake City.  So we drove up to the picnic area of Mueller park to hike up to Elephant rock. I didn’t get a picture of elephant rock like I should have, but it is about 100 feet tall and white rising out of the ground different from everything around it. This hike is about 3.7 miles up and the same back. We met many hikers, dogs, mt bikers. All the dogs were well behaved except for our little Tasmanian devil who wanted to bite anything walking by with 4 legs. At one point she was on one paw reaching out with mouth wide open almost in flight. It was a laugh and a half but I’m glad I had a good grip on her or she would have had a mouthful.  The view of the salt lake from here was amazing and we were all in need of a good hike like this.  We could see Antelope Island far in the distance. 

The movie theater was great, the movie not so great (the big wedding), but to be able to eat and drink beer while watching the movie at Brewvies was great for the leg muscles.