and drink plenty of it

Traveling Them Thar Hills

The good, the bad and the ugly….


On our days off we are happy that we have SO many trails to hike and
less traveled areas because of the difficulty level of getting there.
That doesn’t bother the two mountain goats I live with named Michelle and Calle.
They thrive on trails and exploration! Calle always has to be the lead dog!

Today’s post will only be the good, the bad and the ugly we have encountered
since being here. Whether it’s bad, good or ugly, it is in the eye of the beholder.
These are but a small portion of the things we have found!

The Good!!!!!!!!








Ugly Mushroom

Ugly Mushroom

Negative Tide

Negative Tide


Elevation (ft): -16

3 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly….

  1. I went down and spent a couple days with Michelle and Mike and had a blast!

  2. We had a good time also, I’m thinking I need to put a picture of you hunting agates! I’m afraid Laura and Michelle are rockaholics!

  3. Wow, what is that round thing, a camera to record marine life during high tide?

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