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Traveling Them Thar Hills


Paddling Hosmer Lake

Today Michelle, Bryce, Chenin, our fabulous little loyal dog Calle, and myself decided to go paddle Hosmer Lake up on Cascade Drive. We had many goals for this outing which included trying out my shoulder from the major rotator cuff surgery a year ago, retrieving a geocache we planted back on August 19 of 2008, and to just have a great time at one of our favorite high desert lakes outside of Bend, Oregon. These lakes up on the Cascade Highway are what we love most about Bend, well that and the numerous microbrews in the area!

Here are a few of the pictures taken up on the lake today. I couldn’t get clear pictures of the fish swimming in the canals that connect the two main bodies of water of the Lake. The water is clear and you can see all the way to the bottom, which is only ten feet or so; it’s just darn hard to get the fish to show up in pictures.

Michelle made friends with some pesky birds. They are a persistent bunch who like to be fed. They aren’t shy either.

Calle and I climbed the 300 foot incline to where the Geocache was placed and luckily it was still in the exact place I put it a few years ago. There weren’t any leaks in the container, which is amazing, considering it is covered in the winter with 10 feet of snow. This hill looked like what you would think Mount St Helen looked like after the eruption, only with living trees mixed in. The walk down should have been more enjoyable, but Calle and I stepped right into a yellow jacket nest and boy were those little suckers PO’d about that! Calle hauled butt out of there, I wasn’t as lucky. I was stung 10 times on the lower left leg before I escaped. I spent the rest of the picnic with my legs in the ice cold water for relief!

Here are some pics from today, I hope you enjoy them and if you get a chance, go see this magnificent lake for yourself!

Maybe those pesky birds were the ones eating the mushroom. Something spent a bunch of time eating on that one. Just maybe that’s what made the birds so bold!