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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Waiting It Out/No White Knuckles Allowed


Today was going to be our big travel day, heading to Salt Lake City, to await the arrival of our grand baby! Mother Nature wins again; the remains of a typhoon in China, that hit the jet stream and traveled through the northwest, changed our plans. So we will wait out the wind and storm for a calmer day and smoother RV adventures along the way. Luckily our expecting Momma (our daughter Jen) thinks little “Cricket” will be late for her grand arrival! Expecting Grandparents have Huey and will travel! On the bright side, we have been enjoying a longer stay with our lovely older Daughter Chenin. We’ve been hitting some of our favorite Bend restaurants, know for their great microbrews and staying up late playing board games and our new found favorite card game “Quiddler”. All is good!



2 thoughts on “Waiting It Out/No White Knuckles Allowed

  1. I saw the hosts that followed you had to shutdown tours due to the storm. Glad you chose to sit tight until after the weather passes! Happy trails!

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