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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Here we are in North Salt Lake

We are now in Salt Lake City and are more than ready for Baby Cricket to arrive! We figure we
must have brought the cold, wet, rain and snow with us, because when we left Bend that is exactly what they were having and now Bend is warm and sunny. We had one stop between Bend and SLC, that was at Three Island State Park in Glenn Ferry Idaho, parked right next to the awesome Snake River.

We learned yet another RV life lesson: if you unhook your “toad” vehicle, you pay an extra 5 bucks, if it is left on the tow bar, no extra charge.
This morning I took a ride on the Harley to see John’s motorcycle track practice at Miller Auto Sports Complex. Very interesting and enjoyable day timing the many laps of the C group he is in. Notice the snow right down to the floor of the valley.