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Traveling Them Thar Hills

The Sign Fell


Well from what we can find out from people who live near the tree on the bike path, the tree fell Wednesday. Pretty good sign or just coincidence?

I guess those beavers know how to fall a tree. Guess they could teach some loggers a thing or two about dropping a tree where you want it. Right in the Jordan River.





3 thoughts on “The Sign Fell

  1. Didn’t realize the trunk was that big until someone is next to it, WOW! I’ll have to forward you an letter from the feds threatening to fine over a beaver dam.

  2. Yep that tree was pretty big. All along the bike path you can see trees brought down by the beavers. Typically the are 8 inches in diameter. But this one really stood out. I wonder how long it will take the city to get that one out. Other trees that haven’t been pulled collect vast amounts of as tic bottles all kinds and sizes. Pretty big eye sore. Was going to do a post on what’s worse goose poop or human discarded plastic pop bottles and water bottles. But I’m trying to stay on the positive side.

  3. I found the link to the letters, not sure if they are real, but will be interesting how the Salt Lake Beaver dam will be handled by the state.

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