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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Winter and Lake Pleasant/We Have Arrived

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Today was a wonderful drive from Kanab to Lake Pleasant, our winter home for 4 months. We started out the day on hwy 89 out of Kanab to Page, Arizona.


Lake Powell showed up just before Page and then we crossed the Colorado River. I took a wrong turn totally missing a sign that said the road was closed 18 miles ahead just out of Page, Az., luckily Michelle saw it, so we turned around in a red dirt field. Saved 36 miles of wasted time.


We arrived at Lake Pleasant about 4:30 PM and proceeded to set up our spot. We also met our coordinator for Lake Pleasant, and a very enjoyable conversation. It was also nice watching Michelle and Gerald showing each other pictures of the new grand baby and his new son. Two definitely proud individuals!!!!




And then there is Calle showing her approval and wanting out to sniff the surroundings.


One thought on “Winter and Lake Pleasant/We Have Arrived

  1. Looks Nice. Now will Michelle let you come to the Race Track? It would be a nice day trip on your bike. See you @ the track.

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