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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Today we tried Dillons

Today, a hot fall afternoon in the desert, we journeyed out to the old resort at Castle Hot Springs (tomorrow’s post) and then we decided to try Dillons on Scorpion Bay for lunch. It’s a great concept to say the least, a floating restaurant on the lake next to a Marina with some very large party boats. You park in the parking lot above and you can either take a tram down to the restaurant or opp for the long Walk down the stairs. The treads and risers are very shallow, not the typical 7 by 11’s I’m used to. The hike down not bad, coming back up after eating, a bit steep. The place was pretty busy; I can only imagine how crazy it is in the summer and what views you might see. (Party barges full of scantly dressed 20-something boys and girls). I ordered onion rings and a catfish sandwich and Michelle had talapia fish tacos. Of course beer on tap. Unfortunately the place scores about a 5 out of 10 for the food, disappointing since the location is a ten! Today was a relaxing exploratory day for us. It hit 90 degrees; that is way hotter than we like, so the air conditioning unit is now blasting away! We did come here to avoid cold and snow, but prefer 70 degree weather, it is expected to cool down soon.






I love fishing as much or more than most people, but with this big huge
lake I sure wouldn’t be fishing over the rail from the restaurant unless I was selling my fish to that restaurant. But I have to say I sure enjoyed watching his 4 legged friend helping him!

I like the sign, but on this warm day I finished my beer easily.


And then on the way back to Huey we ran into the local coyote who we think has been kicked out of his pack. He’s always at the same place all day on South Park Road. So we named him South Park. We hope he is getting plenty of food on his own since he was kicked out of the pack.