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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Rock and Roll Xmas Eve and Christmas

It’s been quite the week. Bernard and Alice spent 3 days last weekend and we had a great time. Playing joker poker till wee hours in the morning. Also hiking on the lake paths.





The burros returned to our area and they love eating the palo verde trees, or maybe thats about all they have to pick from; They must have mouths of steel!



Last night on Christmas Eve, the winds came up and came up big-time and today they haven’t let up. I think the Cape Blanco winds caught up to us. It’s been a Rock and Roll Christmas. The RV has been rocking and rolling. Just look at the wind observations map, high winds here, practically nothing in Phoenix. Makes you wonder where the winds stop and end. The lake is a huge white cap!


Don’t take this wrong we are loving what nature sends our way, we still took our 3 mile walk.