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It’s been a long time


It’s been a very long time since we have posted on ‘And Drink Plenty of It’; there are a few reasons why – mostly plain laziness!
Our winter camp ground host position at Lake Pleasant Arizona took a bunch of our time, but was still enjoyable!
Michelle could only think about flying to Salt Lake to see the new Grandbaby Charlotte! And every chance she got, she did just that! I, on the other hand, wanted to do that too, but had to stick around because I was the only one who could get in the RV door. I had estimates of up to 600 bucks to get it fixed. I was told up to 7 hours to adjust the linkage. Well, in Salt Lake I got up the nerve to take the door apart and see if I could fix it. Wow was that easy and it only took 2 hours. I’m free at last.
While in Arizona I guess I spent more time riding the blackberry than I should have. I put 2,000 miles on it. Now I feel bad I didn’t see my family more. So next winter that will all change. I’ll become a pest and when I do I want to be told.
So after Lake Pleasant it was time to get Huey’s yearly maintenance done and things repaired I didn’t want to do. Freightliner Oasis in Tollenson AZ did a great job and took care all the extended warranty stuff. It’s a fine running machine now.
After that we took off for Payson to see Mom before leaving for you guessed it (Salt Lake and Charlotte), Michelle was in heaven!
All things on our trip must end and wait for another time. So we left for Chenin and Bryce’s house, in Bend Oregon, to see them before leaving for Roseburg to see Laura and Michael for a few days before heading to the fabulous Oregon coast.
We arrived at Cape Blanco State Park on Friday the 30th, ready to start our summer Interpretive hosting positions at the lighthouse & Coast Guard museum. We had our orientation Sunday and met our fellow hosts, we hope this group clicks like the fantastic group we were lucky enough to host with last year! We are thoroughly enjoying the beach, the lighthouse, and the wind. Life is good!

Here’s a few pictures since the last post.

Bartlett Lake north of Phoenix

Proud Grandma


Freightliner for a week

Willow Springs lake with Mom

Arizona/Utah border

Me and Charlotte

Pretty early to be in Salt Lake on the end of March first of April

What a family

Grandpy and Charlotte

At the Utah State Capitol

Charlotte the pinball wizard


With Chenin and Bryce Worthy Brewing Bend Oregon

On the road to Cape Blanco

4 thoughts on “It’s been a long time

  1. Wow!! Love the pics of grandma & grandpa!!! Beautiful baby Charlotte.. Just a little doll!! Have fun in Oregon, you guys certainly have been busy! Ralph and I are going to be camp host in CA at McGrath St Beach campground July, August & September…. Great way to beat the California summer heat to be on coast of Ventura…

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    • Yes, she is a little doll in always, we feel really blessed. I think it’s more fun seeing her learn new things than it was for our own to girls. Strange the way that happens. Sometime her mom and dad might just find that out!
      We really miss you guys, and wish we would have had more fires last year. Hopefully in the future it will happen. We are looking forward to Quartzite in January!

  2. Good to see you posting again 🙂 Still waiting to see how Alice’s healing goes before we decide to move forward with trips we hoped to take this summer. We’ll let you know soon if we make it to Cape Blanco this year.

    • I totally understand Alice’s recoup, it’s a rather long situation. Hope I never go through it again. Is the trip to the Midwest still on? Hopefully you’ll be able to do that. I know Alice wants too. And she said in the RV not a car and not a plane. It will be interesting.

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