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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Cape Blanco Pictures


Just a few more pictures from a most beautiful place. We are having such a great time. Life at the lighthouse is very rewarding to us!! Doesn’t matter what Mother Nature sends our way we love it . It changes everyday and Mother Nature repairs what humans do between high and low tides. It’s so amazing to watch, constantly changing!

Fresnel Lens (Frey-nel)

Outside roof gutter to the Lighthouse, with the handles used to clean the glass.

Michelle in front if the lens.

Panorama of the watchroom. You can see the motor that turns the one ton lens.

Spiral staircase to the watchroom.

The biggest float we have found on the beach from the Japanese Tsunami from a few years ago. One of many finds on the beach.

Calle enjoying the beach chasing every seagull she can spot!

2 thoughts on “Cape Blanco Pictures

  1. Beautiful pictures… I always love lighthouses, but I’ve actually never managed to get inside of one of these mysterious and majestic buildings… 😀 Hope I’ll be able to change that during this semester’s break… 🙂

    • Yes they are everything you have mention. Cape Blanco is one to be seen. People are most definitely amazed at the beauty of the Fresnel Lens and the feeling walking up the spiral staircase. So much history. If walls could talk!

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