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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Unencumbered and Homeless for 247 Days

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Our fabulous four-months at Cape Blanco and Port Orford Heads has come to an end and we are now unencumbered and homeless for the next 247 days, until we return next summer. We are back now to our nomadic, roaming, carefree lifestyle until next June. The past 4 months have flown by like the blink of an eye, but as I tell Michelle, we will be back before we know it and we will be even more fond of the Southern Oregon Coast – it really grows on you! Next year, on our days off, we have agreed to explore more up and down the coast. This year we spent just about all our free time beach combing and hiking the beaches; which was very relaxing and peaceful, but there is SO much more here than just the miles and miles of pristine beaches.
We have logged, with our trusty Nike app, just under 400 miles of walking, most of that on various beaches. We have seen new things, but we still have not found the ultimate find that we are looking for; that would be the illusive Japanese glass float – we have found every other kind of float you can think of. We have found agates and other beautiful colored rocks, beach-smooth driftwood for making custom walking sticks and many different kinds of shells. We have next year to look forward to at this wonderful Oregon State Park system, that in our humble opinion, no other state can rival!
















A Pelican beak skeleton, and crab from Dave.

One thought on “Unencumbered and Homeless for 247 Days

  1. That’s awesome! Look forward to getting to see you three this winter!

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