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Traveling Them Thar Hills


Departing Tommorow

I feel the same way about leaving here Tommorow as I do about leaving the Oregon Coast. The last two weeks here have been great and we will return!!! And we know the best spots even better than the one we had.
Below are a few pics we took in Fountain Hills and again our last bike ride today. I wish I could put on a video I took today.






So here are a few picture for those who remember the Adventures of Superman. In this case it’s SuperWoman using the opening of the show. You know faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall
buildings with a single bound, and stronger than a locamotive!!!!



See you next time with a few lumps on my head!!!

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Geocaching type of Day

Today we decided to try for the second time the oldest Geocache in Arizona. We tried before but ran out of time before dark. Sorry brother but it was such a nice day for a small hike, but I would do again if you decide to. You’ll have to park the Quad a half mile away and trek through the desert.
It was worth it and we finally found a historic cache. Took two TB’s and left two.







North Pemberton Ride

Today we did the North Pemberton Trail and added the scenic loop to it. The scenic loop was suppose to be easy. It ended up being the steepest, rockiest, and hardest trail of all. The North Pemberton is by far the most fun especially riding downhill from Granite tank at the west end. The panoramic shot gives a view of Bartlett Damm, the 4 Peaks, Weavers Needle, the Superstitions, and Red Mountain.









And only in Arizona will you see a sign like this, I guess someone must have been surprised for them to put this one on the door.



Back to the Past one more time

We left Payson early so Michelle could fly out of Phoenix SkyHarbor to Salt Lake. She will use any and all excuses to see and take care of Grandbaby Charlotte. So we landed at Usery MTN Pass regional park. It was the last available spot for Huey in all of Maricopa County Regional parks on a Thanksgiving weekend. It’s a very nice park but not really dog friendly for a dog who isn’t cactus smart. You see Usery Mtn has to be the jumping cholla capital of the world. There are very large cholla forest everywhere. So back to flying to Salt Lake Michelle couldn’t get a seat on standby to SLC because of the holiday weekend. So we had 5 days at Usery. It actually was enjoyable.


We did a bunch of hiking around Usery Mtn, and while walking Calle there was a large cholla on her right and my right. About the time I gave her a corrective jerk to stay away from the cholla she moved my way and my hand went to the left and hit a cholla on the left side of the trail.

These little puppies must inject some kind of chemical because my hand welded up at 8 different spots the thorns had stuck into. Lesson learned?

While eating breakfast one day we had some beautiful visitors land on the tree just outside our table window. We have never seen these birds before and they stuck around for pictures. We sent the pictures to our birding expert Marcia in Eugene and found out they were Peach Faced Lovebirds.


Then just down the road at a host site we found a list of birds seen here at Usery Mtn Park. Pretty amazing! Especially if you love birds.


Our stay ended at Usery and we left for Lake Pleasant Regional park the place we hosted for 4 months last winter. This time we stayed in space 20 the best spot in all of this park. A total 180 degree view of the lake, home for 2 weeks. Two days there and Michelle made a FLT to Salt Lake. So it was just me, calle and the cat. Calle and I must of hiked 100 miles at my speed and not the speed of “speed demon Michelle”. Plus calle and I paddled the lake and did the geocaches on the islands.







Removing one from the Bucket List

Today we decided to MTN bike a big part of the Pemberton Trail here at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Little did we know that with Michelles sharp eye she spotted the elusive Crested Saguaro Cactus. I was having all I could do to keep my eye on the trail. So this Crested Saguaro has been one of the things I’ve wanted to find in the wild for a longtime. Now it’s off the bucket list. The Crested Saguaro is a rare occurrence with only 700 in the world. Also this describes them also.

“”The rare crested saguaro is an anomaly in the cactus world. These are mature cactuses that begin to grow in a broad fan shape instead of continuing to develop a characteristic long trunk and curving limbs. Botanists don’t know what causes a saguaro to develop a crest. About one in 150,000 saguaros develop this unusual growth.””

Here are the pictures of our find




Have I stated that there are over 65 miles of hiking/biking/horse trails here at the park. There are over 200 geocaches to find. Here are the pictures of the trail maps. Today we did the one colored in Orange except for the bottom yellow was added because of the higher command I received from the better half.




Below are some of the pictures from our 14 mile ride today.





Then came the Pemberton Ranch completely by surprise. I figure this trail named Pemberton must have had something to do with history. But we haven’t heard a thing. So this was a nice find on the trail.







Here is the GPS map of our trek today.


And now to num-e-fyi my body in my anti-gravity chair!!!


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So then it was deeper into Arizona

We left Lake Powell and headed for Payson, AZ to visit my mom and do a week of boondocking at a national park. But on the way we stopped at Mormon Lake RV. It was a nice place to stay and cut down on daily miles traveled. But we were back in the cold.



The next day we left for Happy Jack not far down the road. Another cold night.

The next morning we left and dropped down of the Mogollian Rim to Houston Mesa Park in Payson for a week. There we got a taste of cold weather boondocking and staying warm while only using the furnace while charging the batteries with the generator.
We did some work around my mothers house and then to Thanksgiving at the casino for dinner. My brother Bernard and his wife Alice took time out from their anniversary weekend to go with us. A very fun couple of days. Last summer they made the journey all the way up to Port Orford to stay with us over the Fourth of July. We had a blast.
I’m plugging his blog cause he has always plugged ours. Here it is
Thanks for stopping by.

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November 12th we left Park City frozen solid

imageimageimageimageimageimage imagepipes, black water tank, gray water tank, fresh water, and the water pump.  Migrating south late is definetly an experience.  Luckily when we thawed out 2 days later at Wahweap RV resort Lake Powell we didn’t suffer any split tanks or broken pumps. That was a huge, and the last time we migrate south so late. So we spent a week at Wahweap exploring trails and toured the inside of Glen Canyon dam.


Salt Lake/Park City Oct and Nov

At least until the pipes, tanks, pumps froze on a 7 degree night. We were in Salt Lake and Park City to help move John And Jen as well as be with Charlotte for her delayed 1st Birthday party. That was after visiting Chenin and Bryce in Bend, Oregon for the first part of October.
It was a busy month with a bunch of enjoyable things and some not so enjoyable. Here’s a picture of our wonderful granddaughter Charlotte. Mom and Dad were hoping for a very messy birthday girl eating her first taste of cake! It didn’t happen like how caked up her mother got on her first birthday. This little girl doesn’t seem to like getting caked up with frosting.