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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Salt Lake/Park City Oct and Nov


At least until the pipes, tanks, pumps froze on a 7 degree night. We were in Salt Lake and Park City to help move John And Jen as well as be with Charlotte for her delayed 1st Birthday party. That was after visiting Chenin and Bryce in Bend, Oregon for the first part of October.
It was a busy month with a bunch of enjoyable things and some not so enjoyable. Here’s a picture of our wonderful granddaughter Charlotte. Mom and Dad were hoping for a very messy birthday girl eating her first taste of cake! It didn’t happen like how caked up her mother got on her first birthday. This little girl doesn’t seem to like getting caked up with frosting.


2 thoughts on “Salt Lake/Park City Oct and Nov

  1. Hahah cute blog Post. “Caked up” so what were the not so enjoyable parts of your visit?

    Lots of love, Jenny


    • The not enjoyable part was the huge Akita dog off leash who attacked Calle and then me. Calle took 8 stitches in her neck and two drain tubes. The idiot owner who didn’t have his dog on a leash was very fortunate he paid all the bills! My patience was razor thin. Lessoned learned so I now carry a 5 iron for a walking stick.

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