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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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So then it was deeper into Arizona

We left Lake Powell and headed for Payson, AZ to visit my mom and do a week of boondocking at a national park. But on the way we stopped at Mormon Lake RV. It was a nice place to stay and cut down on daily miles traveled. But we were back in the cold.



The next day we left for Happy Jack not far down the road. Another cold night.

The next morning we left and dropped down of the Mogollian Rim to Houston Mesa Park in Payson for a week. There we got a taste of cold weather boondocking and staying warm while only using the furnace while charging the batteries with the generator.
We did some work around my mothers house and then to Thanksgiving at the casino for dinner. My brother Bernard and his wife Alice took time out from their anniversary weekend to go with us. A very fun couple of days. Last summer they made the journey all the way up to Port Orford to stay with us over the Fourth of July. We had a blast.
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