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Traveling Them Thar Hills


Removing one from the Bucket List

Today we decided to MTN bike a big part of the Pemberton Trail here at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Little did we know that with Michelles sharp eye she spotted the elusive Crested Saguaro Cactus. I was having all I could do to keep my eye on the trail. So this Crested Saguaro has been one of the things I’ve wanted to find in the wild for a longtime. Now it’s off the bucket list. The Crested Saguaro is a rare occurrence with only 700 in the world. Also this describes them also.

“”The rare crested saguaro is an anomaly in the cactus world. These are mature cactuses that begin to grow in a broad fan shape instead of continuing to develop a characteristic long trunk and curving limbs. Botanists don’t know what causes a saguaro to develop a crest. About one in 150,000 saguaros develop this unusual growth.””

Here are the pictures of our find




Have I stated that there are over 65 miles of hiking/biking/horse trails here at the park. There are over 200 geocaches to find. Here are the pictures of the trail maps. Today we did the one colored in Orange except for the bottom yellow was added because of the higher command I received from the better half.




Below are some of the pictures from our 14 mile ride today.





Then came the Pemberton Ranch completely by surprise. I figure this trail named Pemberton must have had something to do with history. But we haven’t heard a thing. So this was a nice find on the trail.







Here is the GPS map of our trek today.


And now to num-e-fyi my body in my anti-gravity chair!!!