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Traveling Them Thar Hills

North Pemberton Ride


Today we did the North Pemberton Trail and added the scenic loop to it. The scenic loop was suppose to be easy. It ended up being the steepest, rockiest, and hardest trail of all. The North Pemberton is by far the most fun especially riding downhill from Granite tank at the west end. The panoramic shot gives a view of Bartlett Damm, the 4 Peaks, Weavers Needle, the Superstitions, and Red Mountain.









And only in Arizona will you see a sign like this, I guess someone must have been surprised for them to put this one on the door.


3 thoughts on “North Pemberton Ride

  1. Beautiful photos and sounds like a great bike ride. Did you look for the entrance to the Lost Dutchman’s Mine as you rode along the trail? Weaver’s Needle is one of the main signposts for finding the lost gold mine.

  2. We are actually north of the superstitions at the moment as are the trails here. Hmmmm I don’t think there really is a mine even though they pulled a bunch of gold of of weavers needle.

  3. Awesome trails and photos! Most of all I’m really happy the snakes have no thumbs!

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