and drink plenty of it

Traveling Them Thar Hills

Departing Tommorow


I feel the same way about leaving here Tommorow as I do about leaving the Oregon Coast. The last two weeks here have been great and we will return!!! And we know the best spots even better than the one we had.
Below are a few pics we took in Fountain Hills and again our last bike ride today. I wish I could put on a video I took today.






So here are a few picture for those who remember the Adventures of Superman. In this case it’s SuperWoman using the opening of the show. You know faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall
buildings with a single bound, and stronger than a locamotive!!!!



See you next time with a few lumps on my head!!!

3 thoughts on “Departing Tommorow

  1. Hello Michele & Mike, we’re traveling today also south to our sons New Year’s Eve 40th birthday party!! Yippie!!🎉🎇🎊
    Love all the cool places you 2 seem to find, we’re ra heading? AZ

  2. It’s me again😊 hey are you guys going to quartzite AZ? RV show starts 17th and we’ll be there before that, staying in the same spot as last few years and we’d love to have you join us…

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