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Traveling Them Thar Hills


Picacho Peak Hike (Southside)

Today we took a six mile hike on the Sunset Vista Trail at Picacho Peak Park; this was an exploratory hike to see how difficult it would be to do the whole loop, including the two miles of the steep Hunter Trail. We found out pretty fast that once we hit the cable handrails Calle would not be able to come with us; she is a little mountain goat and a very smart dog, but we don’t think she would get the concept of holding on to the cables while climbing up and down very steep cliffs! I also figured out that we didn’t bring enough water; it seems to be a lot warmer here than any of the other places we have been thus far and the camelback was drained dry, along with another bottle of water. A few protein power bars and maybe some fruit would be a good thing to have along too. Again I found it hard on this hike to keep up with the light weight mountain goats. I kind of like to just mossey along rather than charge down the trails. Here are some of the pictures from the hike.




This cabled path was rather steep, I figured at least 90 degrees. It’s the one and only we tried this trip.







The Saguaros here like to guide you down the trails.