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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Brantley Lake SP Carlsbad NM

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the trip here was not real enjoyable. For over a week we have delayed moving and have dodged numerous Artic Blasts here in New Mexico. So it’s been either cold, wind, or snow. The prediction on the day we moved to Brantley was suppose to be clearing with a breeze. Well they blew it big time, it was blowing hard at the pass at Ruidoso and on the east side of the pass started snowing. Here’s a picture of the start, I didn’t taking anymore after this one as I was concentrating on moving 36,000 pounds and 60 foot of vehicle down the road. But we do know this comes with the territory of our lifestyle. 

Here’s a picture of the lake from our site. In the distance you can see the spillway on the dam.  Also a couple of pictures of signs I enjoyed. 

Then one cold and rainy day we drove the 50 miles to Carlsbad Caverns. What a tour it turned out being. We took the natural entrance in and down the 800 feet 2 mile walk in the caverns. Then because of the time we took enjoying the walk we took the elevator back up. What a trip it was. We took two flashlights with us. You need them because it’s very dim on the path through the caverns. Pictures are very hard to take with the low light. I found using the flashlight helped see things right next to you. Pretty amazing things in fact you wouldn’t see if you didn’t shine the rocks and objects formed through time. So here are the pictures I took in very low light and sorry for the poor quality. I wish I had my daughters camera!

That’s Michelle at the natural entrance. 

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