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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Bottomless Lake State Park Roswell NM

After a windy and rather chilly trip from Carlsbad to Roswell, we arrived at Bottomless Lake State Park. We arrived to find only 3 other sites taken, so it was nice to have our pick of lake view camping spaces.  The clear, deep little lakes that are scattered throughout the park are pristine and just beautiful to see, the plentiful waterfowl thought so too.  

It was cloudy, windy and cold, with the high for the day, a whopping 31 degrees. Within an hour it was lightly snowing, what’s with this? Not doing too well with our motto to follow 68 degrees.  We couldn’t see much of the park, but we were hoping by morning it would clear off. Morning came and it was foggy, so we decided to head into Roswell and see what all the Alien fuss is about. I checked out the International UFO Museum & Research Center, while Michelle checked out nearby tourist shops (traps) selling everything alien.   

Back at Huey that evening, we happened to see the UFO museum on the local news, apparently about 15 minutes before I went through, a reporter was interviewing people because of recently discovered slides that supposedly are authentic slides taken at the site of the alien space craft crash landing on a ranchers field just outside of Roswell.   It should be interesting to see what this is all about.  The slides have been authenticated by Kodak Film to guarantee they have not been tampered with or altered in any way. They will be unveiled to the public for the first time in Mexico City May 5th, so that it is out of the hands of The US government.  The government is the main reason for so much popularity of the so called “Roswell incident” of July 4th, 1947.  Below are some pictures of what I thought was most interesting at the museum. The other pictures are of Bottomless Lake State Park after the sun came out and it warmed up!

And then there was a piece from the wreckage that’s been handed down through families. It hasn’t been proven real or not real. 

Bottomless Lake which was created by a limestone sink hole. It’s 90 feet deep, clear and actually a very beautiful blue. A divers paradise. It’s part of 5 small sinkholes along this ridge.