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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Sumner Lake SP/Ft Sumner NM

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Fort Sumner is know as the final resting place of Billy the Kid. He has a bunch of names that he went by. William H Bonney or William Antrim also born William Henry Mc Carty Jr 11/23/1859, died July 14, 1881. New Mexico and southern Arizona have so many things related to him. He’s a legend in New Mexico and his 21 years of life must have been very quick. He was shot by Pat Garrett. The way he met his end is the big question. Conventional wisdom takes after the book that was written by Pat Garrett. There is a museum in Fort Sumner as well as many other places in New Mexico.  He is buried in Fort Sumner next to two of his buddies who also participated in the Lincoln County wars. 

Sumner Lake State Park is a very quiet park and campground well off the beaten path. We were the only ones there with a wonderful view of the lake. A group of deer twice daily would come through our site. 

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