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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Manzano Mtn State Park


We enjoyed a few sunny days at Sumner Lake State Park, just outside of Fort Sumner New Mexico, before we left I called the Ranger at Manzano Mountain State Park just to see how much snow was still at the campsite and how the road conditions up to the camp ground were.  I was a bit worried due to the fact that the elevation is 7,600 feet;  he let me know there was just a bit of snow left under the trees where there was shade and that the road is fine. So I asked him if a 40 foot 34,000 lb rig would have any problem – his opinion was there should be no problem.   We were delighted and took off down the road.  As the Highway Men say: The road goes on forever and the party never ends! 

We got to the quaint little village of Mountainair and turned right, off the main highway for the road up to the campground in the pine trees. We didn’t unhook the Jeep, we just kept on going. The last 3/4 mile was a slippery, wet, red dirt road up an 8% grade. Huey was  laboring a tad, and the back wheels were spinning and sending red dirt and mud to the back. The Harley, and the once white jeep both have a red tint to them! What a job it’s going to be to clean the Old Blackberry up. We are the ONLY people up here at this very small park, does that say something about our sanity lol.  Would we come again: yes and no.  No at this time of year. Yes to see the Salinas Pueblo Ruins again, which will be another post. 

As the Highway Men Say:

“the road goes on forever, and the party never ends!

2 thoughts on “Manzano Mtn State Park

  1. We just did the mud thing last week exploring Mittry Lake. The Ranger must be glad he wrangled one in!

    I enjoy your blog!

    • I guess I’m easily wrangled in. I took it hook line and sinker. But it appeared today that it dried a bit. I’m hoping cause we’re headed down that grade in the morning. Unhooked of course lowest gear, no exhaust break, and no touching the brakes. Actually today was one of the best of the winter!

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