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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Salinas Pueblo Missions


We spent the afternoon traveling between the three Pueblo Ruin sites, called the Salinas Pueblo Missions, that are around Mountainair, New Mexico. The start of this journey, at the visitor center, was about 12 miles from where we were staying at Manzano Mtn State Park. 

The three sites are named Quarai, Gran Quivira, and Abo. These sites were home to many Pueblo Indians for centuries and we found them all fascinating and the rangers at each site were friendly and helpful.  

Quarai was a Tiwa-speaking pueblo at the foot of the Manzano Mtns, it was a thriving pueblo like Abo when first visited by Juan de Ornate in 1598. 

Gran Quivira is on a knoll protruding from Chupadera Mesa. It was the largest of the Salinas (Spanish for salt) Pueblos. It was also known as the Pueblo de Las Humanus or “town of the striped ones” due to the custom of painted and striped faces seen at this Pueblo. 

Abo was a thriving community when first visited by Spaniards in 1581. Abo was thought to have meant “water bowl,” another interpretation  was “poor place.”

As the Highway Men Say:

“the road goes on forever, and the party never ends!”

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