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Traveling Them Thar Hills


Taking it much slower in ALBQ

We have just started a month-long stay in Albuquerque to regroup after 4 months without full hookups.  We were going to stay at the Elks Lodge, but because of the repairs I need to do to the RV I wanted full hookups; didn’t want the hassle of moving to drain tanks. Michelle will be leaving for Salt Lake City on Sunday the 15th to see our sweet little Granddaughter and she won’t be back until the first week of April.  Meanwhile, I will be busy with some RV upkeep: replacing the house batteries that don’t hold a charge worth a dang anymore, fixing plumbing leaks from some of the bone jarring roads we’ve been on, and I’m sure I will find other things needing my attention. Plus the blackberry needs a complete wash as well as the RV and car. The weather has been great so far, we have seen Old Town and the Petroglyph Monument  and tomorrow we are heading out for a day trip up to Santa Fe on Old Hwy 14, better know in these parts as the “Turquoise Trail”. We look forward to a scenic trip, approximately 60 miles of ghost towns, rejuvenated old towns, old churches, museums, and at the end, a farmers market and good old New Mexican cooking in Santa Fe.

When Michelle returns from Utah, we start our journey back up that way, staying about a month in Park City with little one again, (can’t  get enough of that baby time!) and then on to Bend for a two-week stop over and then to the Oregon Coast for our summer of volunteering; third year in a row and still, loving it!

As the Highway Men Say:

“the road goes on forever, and the party never ends!”