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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Petroglyphs National Monument Albq, NM

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Our recent visit to Petroglyphs National Monument, in Albuquerque was our very first encounter with petroglyphs in person – we have seen them in books, or on television documentaries, but to see them up close and personal was wonderful.  It was very interesting to see these images etched on the rocks, made by Pueblo Indians up to 700 years ago. These pictures were their way to communicate before they had written language.  It’s also very interesting to read what present day Archeologists have to say about what they think these all mean. I could go on all day from the material we saw, and it I sure would be a kick to know what they REALLY were trying to convey in some of the pictures left behind. Many of them look like aliens that might have returned to Roswell in 1947;  something to ponder – modern mankind really can have no idea what these ancient peoples saw. 

There are 4 different areas in west Albuquerque – actually in the city limits – on one side of the street, one will find ancient petroglyphs, and on the other side of the street modern homes and shops. We picked two areas that allow dogs on the trail to explore; they happen to be the trails with the most Petroglyphs also.  We only allowed time to walk one area, it was an easy walk on a sandy trail at the Rinconada Canyon trail; roundtrip was 2.2 miles.  There are approximately 1200 Petroglyphs etched into rocks along this one trail alone.  Calle and I will do the other area called Piedras Marcadas Canyon while Michelle is in Salt Lake.  That canyon has some 5000 documented Petroglyphs. 

Below are just some of the ones that choose to reveal themselves to us!

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