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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Its been a busy Spring to Fall


In the spring we left New Mexico for Park City to see the Granddaughter and her Parents, a great trip!

Then in May we left for the celebration of our oldest daughters marriage to her wonderful mate Bryce.  It was a very enjoyable time and we were able to see my younger brother Bernard and his wife Alice for a week. 

Then it was off to out summer volunteer work for Oregon State parks.  One month at the lighthouse, two months at the Lifeboat Station Museum and then September at Lighthouse. 

In July we had a major shock as I lost my older brother Dave, somethings in life are very hard and this was a major one!  I was in Phoenix in August for the celebration of his life.

We were back in Bend in October for two weeks and had another wonderful visit with Bryce and Chenin. 

Since then we have been back in Park City.  The Granddaughter in just two months since we seen her on there visit to see us on the Oregon beach has been amazing to say the least!  She is the smartest little girl I think I have ever run into.

But I think our stay here in Park City just might have lasted to long. We are now looking for our exit date. 


2 thoughts on “Its been a busy Spring to Fall

  1. That winter storm managed to sneak in way too early! Already hearing about low 30’s in Payson this week, might put a damper on my plans to keep Blunder up there long enough to camp out with you two up there. Good luck on that exit date, hope you don’t freeze any pipes up there!

    • The weather guessers keep changing the forecast. This morning we decide to leave next Monday. This afternoon they changed the for cast to snow on Monday. So we will look for a new window to leave. I think the weather guessers can only predict weather for the next 4 hours. Wish us luck!

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