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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks Revisited

I made a visit to these parks back in 1971 when a friend of mine and I took a cross country trip a year after graduating high school. We started from Phoenix, Arizona in my new 1971 yellow Volkswagen super beetle. One of the many stops along the journey was at Zion National Park, in Southern Utah. Things were a bit different back then, and up until 1989 you could stop along galleries (big arched “windows” cut into the stone along the outer wall of the 1.6 mile long tunnel). The views of the surrounding canyon walls and the floor below were incredible; these days, as you drive through the tunnel, you can see the magnificent arched portals, but no stopping! 

Some 40 years later, on our journey back to the southwest for the winter of 2015, we stopped off in Hatch, UT for a few days so we could visit Zion and Bryce Canyon. We took in Bryce Canyon first and I didn’t seem to remember very much from the 1971 trip. Zion was a whole different story; It all came back to me and brought back old memories. But this trip was much better because I did it with my lifelong mate! After this day long excursion, and a little surprise snow on the ground this morning, we decided to spend another night in Hatch and plan to leave in the morning for Lake Powell, AZ. After all when have the weather guessers ever been right; the predictions seem to change every few hours! We are in no particular hurry and will move on when the conditions are right!