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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Predicted Cold and Wind Push us South

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Cold and Wind Push us SouthWeather reports for Saturday November 14th showed a major cold front and wind storm coming to northern Arizona and northern New Mexico for Tuesday. It foiled our plans to pass by the 4 corners on our way thru southern Colorado to Heron Lake State park in northern New Mexico. So we decided the best route would be to head for Elephant Butte State park at a lower elevation that wouldn’t freeze our pipes. Even our second choice, at the 6000 ft level at Santa Rosa lake state park wasn’t going to fair very well either. On the way we stopped off for the night at Sky Casino outside Cubero, NM just off interstate 40. It was just the right price and a nice park, and I couldn’t beat the all you could eat meat buffet on Saturday night. Now I love Elephant Butte State Park, so it wasn’t a hard decision. When we arrived, we were shocked by how much the water had lowered since February when we were here last. At that time we put our kayaks in at the boat ramp and paddled straight across the lake – that route is just a mud flat now. After two days of very strong winds and low temps, and what felt like freezing weather because of the wind chill factor, we decided for the next two days to take in ghost towns on two different routes; heading one direction one day and the opposite way the next. All these towns were big gold and silver mining boom towns; when silver prices collapsed in the late 1800’s they dried up. But these ghost towns still have a few people living in them and preserving the history and they are very interesting to talk to. The first day we went to two ghost towns, Winston and Chloride out on Hwy 52. Chloride was the most interesting of them all; a couple living there with a family history of the area is preserving the history for the next generations and the small museum (located in the old pioneer store) is very worth seeing. The second day we took Hwy 152 to Hillsboro and Kingston, south of T or C New Mexico. 

Hand Crocheted by an elderly lady named Cassie Hobbs, only for friends and relatives, and not for profit. Amazing!!

Second day to Hillsboro and Kingston on route 152


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