and drink plenty of it

Traveling Them Thar Hills

On The Road Again


We are in San Angelo Texas and yes everything is actually big here!

And if you own a pickup, you aren’t anything unless you have a 700 pound front bumper. I sure wonder what they’re doing with these bumpers?

Maybe nudging people while tailgating?

Chasing armadillos in the brush?

Maybe herding those big Longhorns.

I’m sure your mind can run wild!

The Road Goes on Forever and the Party Never Ends!

“The Highwaymen”

3 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. In the event you run across any crazy Hillary supporters blocking the road. it’s to keep the left out of your way

  2. Oh I’ve forgotten how funny that is, seems like EVERY truck has one of those big heavy add-on bumpers… You’ll also notice the High School Football stadiums look like university stadiums, even in the small towns!

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