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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Blanco State Park in Blanco, Texas

We enjoyed our three day stay at San Angelo State Park, and our several forays into the town of San Angelo to check out antiques malls and old town. Our drive to Blanco State Park down Hwy 290 was really picturesque, and we enjoyed it so much; had no idea that there were so many wineries in this part of Texas, or any part of Texas for that matter! We left San Angelo to stay ahead of a rapid advancing arctic cold front heading from the northwest part of the country to down here in the south, right where we are. The day we left set a new high temperature record of 76 degrees, and by the next morning a new low temperature of 19 degrees was recorded – BRRR, way too cold for us. That was all in a time span of 12 hours and with it came the high winds, which we stayed ahead of so we didn’t have to drive Huey in those conditions – going down the road with a 60 plus foot long rig that stands over 13 feet high is no fun at all in high winds!


The drive down Hwy 290 was amazing in the fact I haven’t seen as many wineries since Napa Vally in the 70’s; we didn’t stop at any, usually parking for something as big as we are is challenging at best. Also the whole route had fruit stands with pictures of peaches; they must give Georgia a run for their money! We would have loved some fresh peaches, but we are about five months late for that. As we drove through The really quaint old town of Fredricksburg the streets were line with shops and elbow to elbow people on the sidewalks for a mile. We decided we would drive back in the “toad” the next day to check it out; little did we know just how cold it was going to be, literally almost got frost bite walking around town! 

We arrived at Blanco State Park and found our spot for Huey, set up and went in to the small town of Blanco to check out the town square and then drove 12 miles further down the road to Johnson City (the birthplace of LBJ) to see what has happening there. We browsed through several antiques/art shops and stopped at a small local brewery (Pecan Street Brewery) to sample their brews.  
In the morning it was 19 degrees and we went for a walk along the Blanco River that runs through the park. We saw strange plants next to the river and it looked like the base of the plants were sprayed with insulation. The plants are called frost weeds, and they are amazing because they protect themselves by secreting something that protects them from the extreme cold, I have never heard of a plant doing this and makes me think that plants must have nerves and feelings. 

After our brisk walk we left for Fredericksburg, using a “back road”; very beautiful country side. Michelle saw a sign to the “town” of Luckenbach, a sign posted there says population 3, and I believe that – VERY tiny. We turned off the main road to see this historic little town, made famous by a popular song by the great Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson called “Back to the Basics” originally penned by Booby Emmons and Chips Moman.  

The history of Luckenbach, Texas is written in the pictures below along with a link to a you tube video of the song performed. 

The next morning, while eating breakfast before we left we were greeted by a magnificent vivid red Cardinal outside the window enjoying a breakfast of red berries. Very peaceful and serene at this lovely park.