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Traveling Them Thar Hills

McKinney Falls State Park Austin, Texas

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We pulled into McKinney Falls State Park (Austin, Texas) in the early afternoon; we are getting to be pros at setting up our home on wheels, then we took off on a walk to explore the beautiful park. There are 65 miles of trails and a couple of them lead to very pretty waterfalls. The terrain is pretty flat around here, so with no mountains for direction orientation, I was easily turned around and actually had a hard time finding my way back to Huey. I guess I’ve spent too many years having mountains to help navigate by. 

The next day we went into Austin to check out the town. We came to a realization that we aren’t cut out for cities over 85k people; we didn’t enjoy the hustle and bustle, strange traffic lights and one way streets, not to mention no where to park downtown. We made a very quick stop at the visitor center, drove by the capital building, then got the heck out of there; that’s the beauty of being nomadic – if you don’t like where you land, you don’t have to stay – that’s what this lifestyle is all about. 

I found these cowboy boots in an antique shop but couldn’t bring myself to buying them because of the toes were turned up to hard.  Don’t think I could wear them for more than 5 minutes!

Another breakfast visitor this time a Texas whitetail. 

The park was really nice, especially the falls and the trails and even though the park is very close to the airport, it was serene and peaceful.  

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