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Goose Island State Park Rockport, Texas

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Goose Island State Park Rockport, Texas

Goose Island State Park is a great base for checking out the Rockport Texas area; we stayed on the Bayfront Loop and had awesome views out the front window! The park is home to one of the largest Oak trees in Texas, and the nation for that matter! It is over 1000 years old, stands 44 feet tall and has a circumference of 35 feet; it is fittingly referred to as “The Big Tree”. Because this park is located on the inner bay, there isn’t a beach, or waves from the surf, many people were sitting right outside of their RVs with fishing poles, I plan to stay here again and try my luck at catching fish!  

The first day, after arriving, we decided to check out the antiques shops in town, one shop we visited (billed as a junk shop/museum) was the the first place I have ever been offered a beer for refreshment as I shopped for collectibles – complementary beer at that! The shop people were very interesting, as were their antiques – they too were drinking beer – eclectic place to say the least. 

The next day we made a trip north to the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, hopefully to see some birds we’ve never seen in the wild before. We didn’t get a close look at any birds, we did see some way out in the marshes, but we left our high powered binoculars in Huey. We made the best of it, checked out the visitor center with many displays, did the car tour around the refuge, stopping at various places along the way including two ponds with alligators basking in the sun. We also walked up a high bird viewing platform that looked out into Aransas Bay, there were some official bird watchers from the Houston area, equipped with their binoculars – they pointed out a family of Whooping Cranes and offered their binoculars for a peak.  

Every place must have its freeloaders and the fish cleaning station is the gathering place for that. 


Because I waited too long to make reservations at Goose Island, and it was right at Christmas weekend, we were able to only stay three nights. It was a nice, peaceful place to spend Christmas with the Pelicans.  

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