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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Port Aransas/Mustang Island/Padre Island and Miles of Beach Walks

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We have hit the extremes here and we are loving it. From very warm high humid days to high winds and cold temps. But we have loved it all.

Michelle loves walking the beaches and collecting everything that’s unique. It’s a great chance to tire Calle out also.  So we have walked miles and miles of beach.

We went to the Marine Science Education Center and found a display of all kinds of things to collect on these beaches.

Sea Beads (Mary’s Bean) and Whelks are the things we are hunting most. So far we have found two of each.

One of the other things we aren’t use to is the difference between high and low tides. We are from Oregon and use to 9 foot differences. Here the difference is a foot and a half. I will have to find out what’s the reason and why.

No matter what we are enjoying the birds and other living things.

Calle found a few friends.

I found a few of my favorites at the Crazy Cajun Restaurant.

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