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Traveling Them Thar Hills

Galveston Island SP


We have left Galveston Island State Park. We are now in Houston at Cummins Care for a few days to get an oil leak fixed and a PM service on Huey. It’s quite the ordeal because I have to take off the motorcycle lift for access to the engine. Then we will be close to here waiting for a crown to come in from a lab. Yep, finally came in for a dental check up because of two chipped teeth plus a cleaning.  So here are a few pictures of our stay at the state park. We must have walked 100 miles on the beaches. 

Here in Houston

5 thoughts on “Galveston Island SP

  1. A wee bit of water looking out your back door…

  2. Yep we had two days of really heavy rain. I had to move the dish antenna higher. The second time the parks people came and pumped out all the sites. Things floating away!

  3. I see what you mean Mike about your teeth 😬looks like you need a few replaced Lol, ha ha ha ha!!!!
    Miss you guys, too bad things didn’t work out when we were traveling to see you in Texas it just seems like we were on a different time schedule, say hi to Michelle for me

    • Debbie, the teeth definitely look good huh, bet you haven’t seen a double row of them. Yes we are sorry we missed you guys again. You would be glad you didn’t make it down to the Island. It was pretty wet a miserable for a few days. We will hook up again one of these days, and Michelle says hi back!

  4. The fish still gives me nightmares.

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