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Traveling Them Thar Hills


Late Spring, Summer,and Fall 2016

Late Spring, Summer and Fall 2016
Late spring brought much sadness in our family due to the passing of my youngest brother. It was and will be for a very long time most devastating and so many questions that I have will never be answered. But because of family and friends and reacquainting with a good old friend, I have finally for the most part gotten through it. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about it, and that won’t change for many moons.


On a much happier note, we had a great visit with our fantastic little Granddaughter Charlotte and her parents before departing for Chenin and Bryce’s house in June. 

The visit was cut short because of the unfortunate setback involving the rear air brakes on Huey as we tried to set off to Oregon. The brakes wouldn’t release so putting the tranny in reverse with 400 horsepower shattered the differential. Major time and expense to get that repaired. It took me hours to find someone in Salt Lake City who could fix the damage, and Huey couldn’t be towed the normal way, it had to be loaded on a flat bed. That raised a whole new set of problems. The height of Huey on the flat bed was 16’1″, the UDOT highway permit and overpasses for the 29 mile trip to the shop wouldn’t allow the trip. There were 4 overpasses that were well under the height of Huey and the flat bed. So UDOT of Utah required us to take a 96 mile trip to the same place on another route. Even traveling that route we had to get off the freeway twice to divert by those overpasses. Finally, 2 weeks later, we were on our way and our most gracious and lovely daughter and son in law saved us a bundle by allowing us to staying with them up in Park City, while our home was in the shop down in Salt Lake City.


We got to Bend and Chenin’s place with just 7 or 8 days for a visit before having to leave for our summer position with Oregon State Parks in Port Orford.  From left Dawn(Bryce’s Mother) Chenin and Michelle right. So two months at the museum, which was rewarding and fun, as always came to an end far too quickly. We have decided to take a couple years off from volunteering on the Oregon coast, we love it and sure hope to be invited back in a few years! We are ready for some new adventures and this coming summer we will be heading to the Midwest to the areas of my childhood homes in Iowa and Wisconsin.


We traveled up the Oregon coast to Florence and stayed 4 days at the Elks Lodge. What a beautiful park. We plan to stay there two weeks sometime or maybe a whole summer if we are lucky enough to talk them into it in the future. 

The month of September we stayed at Chenin’s house to catch up on a visit with her and Bryce. We had a wonderful visit with the both of them. We finally got a whole month in Bend, so many good places to eat there and 32 micro breweries – that’s quite a lot for such a small area. Saying good bye was really hard to do, but we knew that Chenin and Bryce were coming to Park City for Charlottes birthday in late October. So another visit was in order. 

It just amazes us just how much our granddaughter just keeps surprising us with the things she learns and the things she tells us. I was informed one afternoon with the words, “grandpa you have a big tummy!” I told her no it was a baggy sweatshirt. She didn’t believe me!

While in Park City we all participated with 1125 other people to set a Guinness book record for the largest shot ski in the world. That many people all took a shot of beer at the same time off of skis bolted together, it stretched through main in old downtown Park City. Our month came to an end and it was time to leave for Arizona and places south to miss the winter weather coming in Utah.


My daughter, Chenin, made a Facebook connection with my best friend in high school who I have not seen in 37 years. So we altered out route to Phoenix to meet up for a 3 day visit. We visited Brent and his wife Darcy and had a wonderful time telling and remembering stories and HIGH crimes from our past. Next year we will make another visit and will enjoy each other’s company again!

Once again we were in Phoenix as our base. We stayed at Lost Dutchman State Park, in Apache Junction and My brother Bernard and his Wiley wife Alice brought their RV out to stay a few days taking time from their busy life. As always we had a wonderful, laughter-filled visit. I love kicking Alice’s behind at joker poker!


We moved on to Usery Mountain Park, not too far from Lost Dutchman; we call it the jumping cholla Capitol of the world. Our good friends George and Robin came out for 5 days with their restored Airstream that he just finished upgrading and restoring.


We were able to add 5 days to the end of our time in the Phoenix area at McDowell Regional Park, just outside of Fountain Hills. We love this park because it’s quiet and the views are great. Bernard and Alice came out for another two nights in their RV.


All this time in Phoenix also gave me time to make trips to Payson to see my mom who just celebrated her 91st birthday.


So after Phoenix we headed to Bisbee, Arizona to take in the Copper Queen Mine tour and old town Lowell; both were well worth the time. I kick myself in the butt cause I left the camera in the RV when we went underground for the mine tour – what a great tour, no pictures to prove it though!


So now we are meandering through Texas on our way to Corpus Christi where our winter home will be this year. We bought a yearly state parks pass to enjoy what state parks have to offer. Just a few days and the pass has almost paid for itself. So far Texas and the parks have totally surpassed our expectations of Texas. I need to stop prejudging places before I have ever seen or spent any real time there. I worked a bunch in Texas as a young man and didn’t think much of it, was I wrong. All I can say is it must have been the jobs fault!!!! 


The Sign Fell

Well from what we can find out from people who live near the tree on the bike path, the tree fell Wednesday. Pretty good sign or just coincidence?

I guess those beavers know how to fall a tree. Guess they could teach some loggers a thing or two about dropping a tree where you want it. Right in the Jordan River.