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Traveling Them Thar Hills


Day Ride to Hosmer Lake/Elk Lake

I took a day off today after a week of general repairs and modifications to Huey! While parked at the glorious RV resort at my daughters I’ve been able to use my tools here in storage to fix things broken and install new items to make our travels better. So after busting buns with repairs and installation of a Wilson Warehouse cellphone antenna and booster, I took off for a day ride checking out a possible place to park Huey during the coming week with Michael and Laura and their new RV. I found possibly two spots at each campground between Elk Lake and Hosmer Lake. I ran into and talked to the host who has been here every summer since 1971 in his Silver Streak trailer, a kick off of the Airstreams. A very interesting conversation about the changing capabilities of yesteryear campers and present day campers. He has seen them all.

After hours of verifying that no wires were between the outside and inside of Huey, I drilled holes for the antenna mount. The RV/Trucker antenna was attached and watersealed.

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I removed inside trim at the ceiling to run the wiring from the inside antenna to the amplifier. After running the cable 20 feet I attached it and the outside antenna and the power to the amplifier/booster.




What a major difference this has made to the cellphone reception. Before I had 2 bars now I have all 5 and the mifi works like the speed of light! The rest of the year and next year at the Cape Blanco lighthouse we will have great reception. What a great product.

After reinstalling the ceiling trim, nobody is any the wiser!


Here are a few pics from the day ride.