and drink plenty of it

Traveling Them Thar Hills


Michelle’s love for the beach

I cannot say enough about how much I love being
at the beach. It is the best place for me and I
will enjoy every minute of July and August.


Sunday was a fun-filled day; we started with a
three hour walk on the beach at Cape Blanco State Park.


After lunch at Huey we took a bicycle ride on the roads
around us and toured the Cape Blanco Pioneer Cemetery.


We topped the day off with a kayak adventure up the
Sixes River. We put in just below the historic Hughes
House, also on the park grounds.


Our new kayaks were fantastic, worked great for Calle,
more room for her than the old ones.
It was a wonderful day.

Monday was our training day for our summer hosting
positions with the State Parks Department. That went
very well. After classroom instruction we met Pete,
a volunteer at the Lifeboat Museum, and he showed us
the ropes. We’re on our own starting thursday morning.


Today Mike and I met two special people, David and Naomi,
who are riding their bicycles from Portland to San Francisco.
It was a pleasure to meet them and we wish them well on the
rest of their journey.