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Inside the Lifeboat Station Museum

I have posted a few pictures of interest from the outside of the museum,
so I thought it would be a good idea to include a few of the highlights
from inside the museum for you to enjoy.

The tour is self-guided and the flow of information is setup well for an
individual to do at their own pace. We have had many comments that people
like the way this works. Michelle and I are there to answer questions and
add nuggets of information.

Each day brings new people through the museum. Some are long-time locals,
and others on vacation from as far away as Italy. Everyday is an adventure
for us as well. We see and learn something new all the time. An example
from today was a picture, out in the bay, of John Wayne’s boat taking cover
from the wind (which is very common here, the wind, not John Wayne!).

Hope you enjoy the photos, with descriptions, and maybe raise interest in
places less traveled. You will learn new and very interesting things too….


The Lyle Gun

The Lyle gun, imagine having drill practice with this?







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Lifeboat Station Museum

“You have to go out….you don’t have to come back.” Surfman’s motto

If we have learned anything from hosting the Lifeboat Station Museum,
it’s “they don’t make them like they use to”. Except for firefighters
such as the ones that lost their lives in Arizona fighting wildfires.
I also put the people in the military, putting their lives on the line
for people they don’t even know in that brave category.

There is a lot of interesting history in this area and it makes us want
to look deeper into what has happened here; it is very interesting to
say the least. Our first week as hosts at the Lifeboat Museum, starting
the 4th of July, has been very rewarding in more ways than one, and to
top it off, we had a very wonderful visit from our Daughter and Son-in-Law
from Salt Lake!

We have met some interesting characters at the museum and we have enjoyed
all of them!

Here are some pictures from the last week and some narratives.
It’s just a small sampling of the history.


The museum below, in its time was the station for the crew


The caissons and breakwater for the boathouse that was destroyed by fire in 1970


As it was before 1970


The 36′ self-righting lifeboat 36498


Nellies Cove where the lifeboats left to rescue ships in distress. Notice the overgrown
steps the surfmen used to haul two 5 gallon cans of diesel down 532 steps.



All that is left



Electric motor probably used to pull the lifeboats back into the boathouse.


The rails that fell in the water after the fire burned the boathouse in 1970


Calle on the breakwater for the boathouse


Where the ramp from the boathouse sloped down to the water



The details of the self righting lifeboat…


John and Jen