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Chillin’ in Bend on a Samsung Day!

Today was a grand day far exceeding all my
expectations for this refer. From all I have
read on the web, the RV blogs and everything
else I could find… the actual refer went way
beyond expectation. I can’t say enough at this


HomeDepot delivered the frig at 10 AM and…..
reluctantly hauled away the NOTSOCOLD. I proceeded
to unbox, remove doors, hinges, shelves, electrical
and anything else that interfered with the 24″ width
I wanted. Have read about from other folks who have
made this upgrade.



Chenin and Michelle handled the top and I took the
lower end and we moved the Samsung into the Huey.
They turned at the right moment and I swung the
bottom at the same time… with two inches to spare.
I did remove both front seats to make sure we had
plenty of room and didn’t have to reverse the process
once inside Huey.



We put the Samsung back together, took measurements
for the space it will go into. Plugged it in, then
cleaned up the mess while it was starting to cool.
So to initiate the new refer, I went & got an 18 pack
hoping it would cool the elixir of life!


I’m keeping a graph of the times and temperatures and
watching the amp draw on the meter. It is already in
complete cool mode and is only drawing 2 to 3 amps…
mostly running at 2 amps.


This unit has cooled so nicely and the beer tastes so good.
It’s ice-cold too! I have retired for the day.
Start work on the new platform and opening tomorrow.