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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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More HUEY Adventures, a Bend Update!


We have switched our AT&T account to get rid
of Michelle’s smart phone and data plan and
my data plan on the IPad. We now have Mifi
for my account to give us access to the
Internet for the next 14 months since I’m
obligated to that contract. So hopefully
where ever we travel, we will have 3G or 4G,
but we won’t count on it & neither should you.
We are actually doing the best we can.

1. So we have a MIFI/WIFI Internet hookup now
because RV parks just have total crap for access!
I have to rely on me from now on! They will drop
you in a split second if you are using to much
space on the Internet!

2. We have replaced our two CRTs (very heavy 70 lb
pound TVs) with LED TVs that I can now lift up with
two fingers on my left hand. I’m taking major pounds
in reduction. It’s too bad the majority of it has
come off the front of Huey considering I need to keep
pounds on the front-end because of the blackberry on
the back-end when he returns to where he belongs.
See photo…


3. We have replaced all halogen lights in Huey to LEDs
and only have T-8s to convert to LEDs as the ballasts
burnout. That’s a major reduction in the amp draw on
the batteries. The house batteries (4 – 6 volt golf
cart batteries) are to be replaced if a load test on
Monday reveals there lack of strength that matches who
lives in Huey.
See photo….


front of Huey to majorly reduce the influence of wind,
semi-trucks, ruts, grooves and other assorted road hazards
from influencing and affecting the stability of the RV (Huey)
running down the road. This has been a MAJOR improvement,
almost eliminating all white knuckle driving as I see it.
See photo….


5. We have removed the “Norcold”, or should I say the
nevercold refrigerator that was a major set back in taking
possession of Huey! We couldn’t insure Huey with any RV
insurance company until all the recalls we’re done with
this, pardon the expression… ‘piece of shit refrigerator’
until ALL the recalls we’re done. I lost count at the
recalls at 4. I gave up! And for 45 days I didn’t sleep
very well at night wondering if this sucker would go up in
flames. So today I ripped out the refer, and the Samsung
model 197 residential refer is going in in its place. I was
told that the recalls on the Norcold would prevent or shutdown
an ammonia fire with all these fixes. I considered these as
just bandaids for the problem.
Now the problem is just about fixed!

Checkout the photos… especially the plywood burn marks &
heatshield burn marks from past usage. Hopefully not since
we have owned this Monaco. We have removed a heavier refer
now with double the capacity or cubic feet and have reduced
the weight by 35 pounds as well as power consumption.
All of this, thanks to RV blogs we read. What a blessing
from other folks passing along timely info!!
See photos….











6. We are now considering and have accepted hosting and
interruptive positions with the State of Oregon, on the Coast.
This I believe is going to be very rewarding for our lifestyle!
I surely appreciate the State of Oregon parks and recreation
for this opportunity.