and drink plenty of it

Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Them thar hills are coming into sight

The appraisal came in finally the house deal is set. It took long enough but the positive is, we are getting there!

Now if the RV’s that ave slipped through the fingers in the past can just keep showing up like the past!

We had a huge garage sale and sold half the things we had yesterday, and that was half the things we had left over from the start 2 months ago. So this week we move out what we think we want to keep, to the relatives who have agreed to take it. This includes the nicest bedroom set we have had our life together. The blackberry will spend a couple of months in Roseburg also.

And drink plenty of it

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The stick built appraisal tommorow

tommorow is the stick built appraisal determining if we are soon to be on the road to full timing, or if there will be a delayed for another 3 months! Clearing hurdles for last 6 months has been interesting to say the least. The unknown as always been fun to experience and this lifestyle is just another in life changing events we want to experience. All the others have been fun and rewarding. So here’s to drinking plenty of it, Pom Pom….