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Traveling Them Thar Hills

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Winter and Lake Pleasant/We Have Arrived

Today was a wonderful drive from Kanab to Lake Pleasant, our winter home for 4 months. We started out the day on hwy 89 out of Kanab to Page, Arizona.


Lake Powell showed up just before Page and then we crossed the Colorado River. I took a wrong turn totally missing a sign that said the road was closed 18 miles ahead just out of Page, Az., luckily Michelle saw it, so we turned around in a red dirt field. Saved 36 miles of wasted time.


We arrived at Lake Pleasant about 4:30 PM and proceeded to set up our spot. We also met our coordinator for Lake Pleasant, and a very enjoyable conversation. It was also nice watching Michelle and Gerald showing each other pictures of the new grand baby and his new son. Two definitely proud individuals!!!!




And then there is Calle showing her approval and wanting out to sniff the surroundings.


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Departing Salt Lake

Wednesday morning we left Salt Lake City for our migration south to Arizona. It was a very sad thing we had to do, because we didn’t want to leave our new Grandaughter Charlotte! But this lifestyle will grant us more visits than living in a stick built. We can always go back.

We left SLC at the tail end of a storm not knowing which of the three routes to take; we left figuring to go thru Las Vegas on the way to Phoenix. Halfway there, our son in law John played co-pilot from SLC and said the middle route to Kanab Utah was clear so we turned east on I-70 to meet up with hwy 89 south. A much prettier drive. We made it there by five and setup for the night. Here are some pics from the drive down, out the front window.






Calle happy to be at camp.

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Here we are in North Salt Lake

We are now in Salt Lake City and are more than ready for Baby Cricket to arrive! We figure we
must have brought the cold, wet, rain and snow with us, because when we left Bend that is exactly what they were having and now Bend is warm and sunny. We had one stop between Bend and SLC, that was at Three Island State Park in Glenn Ferry Idaho, parked right next to the awesome Snake River.

We learned yet another RV life lesson: if you unhook your “toad” vehicle, you pay an extra 5 bucks, if it is left on the tow bar, no extra charge.
This morning I took a ride on the Harley to see John’s motorcycle track practice at Miller Auto Sports Complex. Very interesting and enjoyable day timing the many laps of the C group he is in. Notice the snow right down to the floor of the valley.